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Early Years / Primary Teacher
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Boom Shake the Alphabet

Teach your child the letter names and their matching sounds (phonemes).

Everybody Get up

(The Counting song)

Boom Shake the Alphabet

(Teaching conference)

Count in 1s to 20, 5s to 50 and 10s to 100.

Flying With Phonics

Sample video of the cursive handwriting video.

Flying With Phonics

Sing-a-long songs

Sample video of songs to go with the Flying with Phonics letter frieze.

About Mr Mc

"I believe that every child in early years deserves to have their interests valued. Let's learn together!"

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Our work

Mr Mc

I have been teaching for 5 years. I originally come from a small seaside town in Northern Ireland. 

Studying my PGCE at the University of Leicester helped me to pursue my life long dream of becoming a teacher. 

I have worked in Foundation Stage 2 (Primary 1) for 7 years now and I absolutely love it. 


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Mr Mc

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