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Knowledge Organisers

Suitable for use with EYFS / F2 / Reception / Primary 1

During the academic year 2020-2021 (ohh the pandemic memories lol) we began to look at using Knowledge Organisers at school. This is our 'medium term plan' that we use as a team to help with planning and also to share with parents, helping them to see what we may be covering at school. 

Of course this is only part of the puzzle of our weekly planning. We still follow child interest through our continuous provision, enhanced provision, stories, inputs etc Our planning is flexible and responsive to the children in our classes. 

The ideas / topics / themes etc that we aim to cover and build on across the year may change year on year, depending on the children that start at our school and also due to the diverse community that surround our school. 

I have included our Knowledge organisers for Autumn 1 to Spring 2 below. These are free for you to use. 

Autumn 1: Overarching theme: It's good to be me. 
Autumn 2: Overarching theme: Celebrations. 
Spring 1: Overarching theme: The World Around Us.
Spring 2: Overarching theme: Adventure Above and Under the Clouds. 
Summer 1: Growing
Summer 2: The Great
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