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Who will you give a Golden Moment to?

Have you ever watched Britain's Got Talent?

The judges can decide to press the 'golden buzzer' if someone has really impressed them.

Gold confetti falls and inspiration music plays. One day I had the idea...why not do the same in my classroom to celebrate something special a child or group of children have done. 

How does it work?

I use the Youtube video that I have made, called 'Golden Moment'. 

Every day  I have the video ready, minimised on my computer desktop. It is primed to be used at a moments notice. 

I spot something amazing and special that a child has done, for example, the first time they decide to challenge themselves or helping other children. I save the golden moment for those real special, memorable moments.

When I have spotted something special, I get a part popper/party cannon out of my basket, then 'press the golden buzzer' as I get the Youtube video up and hit play.

"Who is it going to be?"  ....... "Its..." and I announce the child's name and set off the party popper so that they are showered in gold confetti or the party popper. I capture the whole moment on a school ipad (usually filmed by a child). 

The child will then get a special golden moment certificate and a golden moment video filmed in front of a green screen. I use the ipad to film the child in front of a green screen  (fabric). I can then use a green screen app by DOINK to put the purple 'Golden moment' video behind the child. 

This video then gets uploaded to our online learning journey Tapestry, for the parents and family to celebrate together at home. 

.....and that folks is a Golden Moment. 


To find out more information about using a green screen and the DOINK app, send me a message via the contact section and I will email you my free How to guide.

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