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Literacy Resources

Writing success strips

Common Homophone Word Mats

Homophone Flash Cards

Phase 2/3 style board games

Superhero Reading: captions and sentences

Flying with Phonics: Suitable to read from week 10.

Letters and Sounds: Suitable from Phase 2/3

Flying with Phonics: Syllable Pictures

Flying with Phonics: Initial Sound / Segment and blend loop cards

Flying with Phonics: Word Wheel

Phonics website and App Handout

Flower Phonics - match petal to the digraph etc

Download and edit to suit your needs/ability. 

Superhero Yes / No questions ppt

Wonky Donkey ppt

Super Power Words - fill in the missing word

Break the Code 

Break the Code 

The Code Card

CVC writing mats

Read, Write, Build sheet

Reading Record Guide

Phase 1 phonics: beat bars

Read and Find the words 

Video 1 matching card

Songs and rhymes QR code hand out

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