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Maths Resources


Fire Engine Domino Parking 

Parking mats
Fire Engine Dominoes

Nativity Story: 1 more, 2 more, adding 2 groups together.

Fewer / More than    

Bigger / Smaller

Comparison Mats

1 more / 1 less number mats

Everybody Get Up Sand

numbers 1-20

Counting on unifix cube mats

Number puzzles  1-10 / 11-20

Numicon display photos

Subitising Powerpoint

Caterpillar Addition Powerpoint

Roll and Cover (Subitising)

Peg the dienes

Number Hunt - more / fewer

Evil Pea Counting cards - can you spot his mistakes?

Shape, Space and Measure

Easter Egg Hunt - QR Code Easter

Eggs (2D/ 3D)

Easter Egg Lesson 

ideas plan

Number and Shape Flip Flashcards

Positional language 

Maths Planning

Pete the Cat and the missing cupcakes: Maths/Subtraction planning

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