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Objective Led Planning

This is an example of an Objective led planning tracker that I have used in the past. 

The way that I do 'objective led planning' works for me. It may not be strictly tradition to the method but I enjoy it this way and the children get so much out of it.  

Autumn term (September - December): We have a 'starter activity' for either literacy and maths. Once that activity fizzles out, we then immerse ourselves into the continuous provision and play along side the children, extending their learning towards their next steps. 

This is then tracked on the Objective led planner and either a photo is taken for their Tapestry Learning Journey or a copy of their work (literacy only) is stuck into a writing book. All of our maths is practical so this evidence will be photo based and on Tapestry. 

Spring Term - Summer Term: Adult led tasks will begin to creep into the planning where appropriate. For instance:

Week 1: objective led Literacy in provision / objective led maths adult focus task.

Week 2: objective led maths in provision / objective led literacy adult focus task. 

This will continue until the summer term. 


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